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In healthcube there is physiotherapy and rehabilitation, nutrient and diet advice, medical pedicure, shiatsu massage, baby massage, wellness and beauty treatments, dry needling and sportspecific screening.

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Psychological guidance for kids and young adults, adults and elderly, pedagogic guidance and help with educational questions, social skills training, career coaching, neuropsychology, study and talent & study choice guidance

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Personal Training, Small Group Training, BootcampSports massage, Interval training, Back In Action

Train correctly/ core strength / Stabilisation/ flexibility

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Healthcube Tervuren

Healthcube Tervuren is known for their multidisciplinary approach. A young team of enthusiastic professionals with their own specialty hopes to help you search your sollution for your problem. We always try to make the patients and clients happy.

We always have a personal approach. We would like to welcome you in our fresh environment and interior. Together we try to solve your problem.

We keep your name, address, phone number and data from the mutualiteit. We never provide these data to others. We only keep these data for a good communication in between the patient and the care provider and eventually for the paperwork for the mutualiteit or private insurances.

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