Healthcube multidisciplinary center

Healthcube Tervuren is known for their multidisciplinary approach. A young team of enthusiastic professionals with their own specialty hopes to help you search your sollution for your problem. We always try to make the patients and clients happy.

We always have a personal approach. We would like to welcome you in our fresh environment and interior. Together we try to solve your problem.

We keep your name, address, phone number and data from the mutualiteit. We never provide these data to others. We only keep these data for a good communication in between the patient and the care provider and eventually for the paperwork for the mutualiteit or private insurances.

Our services

Rent your own practise room in Healthcube?

You can find a glimp of the many rooms in Healthcube. We think it is very important that your vision meet our vision. You can rent a room for 1 or more days that you share with othe healt professionals. These rooms are available depending your day you prefer. All furniture is already available, only small material you need to bring with you? The use of waiting room, advertising screen and website, internet, weekly cleaning, toilets, kitchen, Nespresso machine and something nice sweet surprises are included. zoals wachtzaal, advertising website en scherm, WC, waterkoker, Nespresso machine en occasionele koekjes in keuken zijn inbegrepen. 

You will be surrounded by a great team. We search in particular a physiotherapist, a massage expert and a wellness expert. Are you another health professional? Please contact to know more about the possibilities.


Sport masseur

We still have room for a passionate masseur who knows every muscle inside out. Sports massage, relaxing massage with essential oils … something for everyone.

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Spontaneous application

French- and English-speaking (or other languages) psychologists, therapists and other specialists Healthcube is always looking for French- and English-speaking (or other languages) psychologists, therapists and

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