As therapists we all aim to help you as soon, and especially as good as possible. However, we often have long waiting periods for patients who are in need of healthcare, even for urgent cases. Therefore we kindly ask you to timely reschedule your appointments at delays. This way we can help people who need urgent care. Appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance to avoid charging. Please treat us and your fellow patients with the same respect with which we treat you.

Thank you on behalf of the entire HealthCube team.

HEALTH - Physiotherapy

Julien Massard


Physio therapist

Mayse Khoury

Physical therapist (Monday and Thursday in practice)

Isabel Horta


Kinesitherapeute (enkel op dinsdag en vrijdag in praktijk)

Sophie Block


Physiotherapist & personal trainer

HEALTH - Care & nutrition - and dietary science

Anjes Dorrenboom


Pedicure & shiatsu masseuse

Fabienne Van Donck

Beauty Specialist

Matthias Lenaerts


Power supply - and dietary expert

MENTAL - Psychology adults & elderly // Sexology

Ilke Bartholomees


Clinical psychologist

Ulrike Kool


Clinical psychologist

MENTAL - Child and adolescent psychology // Study guidance

Sofie Van Keymeulen


Children - and youngsters psychologist

Nina Polfliet


Children - and youngsters psychologist

Brenda Struyf


Children - and youngsters psychologist

Manuela Heymans


Study Assistant

Ulrike Kool


Children - and youngsters psychologist


Audrey van Maele


Personal trainer

Benoît Reisner


Personal trainer


I am Benoît,

My passion for sport and fitness has already developed in my youth, But during my teens I suffered from asthma and sports was no longer so self-evident, which caused me too to be overweight. From here my interest in nutrition flourished. With ups and downs, I learned, and still through regular training, as much as possible what was related to nutrition and exercise. These adjustments give me so much more energy, which makes it easy to keep.

I evolved from endurance sportsman (running, MTB) to Fitness (Crossfit) to eventually combine a mix of both. Both worlds, together with a balanced diet, are the key to a healthy body.


  • Physical Coaching Academy
  • Crossfit level 1
  • Crossfit level 2
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Pose Running seminar