As therapists we all aim to help you as soon, and especially as good as possible. However, we often have long waiting periods for patients who are in need of healthcare, even for urgent cases. Therefore we kindly ask you to timely reschedule your appointments at delays. This way we can help people who need urgent care. Appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance to avoid charging. Please treat us and your fellow patients with the same respect with which we treat you.

Thank you on behalf of the entire HealthCube team.

HEALTH - Physiotherapy

Benny Struelens


Sophie Block


HEALTH - Care & nutrition - and dietary science

Anjes Dorrenboom

Pedicure & shiatsu masseuse

Matthias Lenaerts

Power supply - and dietary expert

Laure Bouchonville


MENTAL - Psychology adults & elderly

Tim Stroobandt

Clinical psychologist

Sophie Tromp

Clinical psychologist

Virginie Parent

Career & Resilience Coach

MENTAL - Child and adolescent psychology

Tim Stroobandt

Clinical psychologist

Britt Vanhamel

Children - and youngsters psychologist

Ulrike Kool

Children - and youngsters psychologist

Erika Declerck

Children - and youngsters psychologist


Jamie Blaszkiewicz

Strength Coach