It is important to train right, adapted to your needs. Your personal trainer will lead you towards your goal. At Sportscube we focus on the weak zones so you can be the better version of yourself.

      This is the right choice for you if:

  • you want to lose weight
  • you feel you need a more active lifestyle
  • you want to get back into running
  • you want to get rid of that nasty back pain

Who is Jamie?

I have been a strength coach & sports nutritionist for 6 years, and over the years, I
have had the opportunity to work with individual athletes (recently National team of
Belgium Lacrosse) and the general population with clients from all walks of life, learn
from some of the best coaches and doctors in the industry to master my craft.
This has helped shape me into the coach I am today. It has not only allowed me to
improve the health and performance of my clients but also my own performance
targets. I sincerely believe that a coach should practice what they preach into their
daily lifestyle.
I am a results-driven, attention to detail, critical thinking coach focused on improving
strength, speed and recovery through the right protocols in a holistic manner.
I have a very pragmatic approach and the ability to deliver innovative strength &
nutrition topics in an easy way for athletes to understand how to support their


– 1-on-1 Personal Training
– Duo Personal Training
– Online Training
– Small group Personal Training ( 3-4 persons )
– Conditioning & Boxing Classes
– Youth Athletic Training
– Postnatal training