Our mental services

Healthcube Tervuren stands for a multidisciplinary approach. A team of dedicated professionals, each with their own speciality, hopes to tinker with your problem in order to find the best possible solution together. Psychological well-being has an important place in our care offer. 

You can also come to us for psychodiagnostics for your child or adolescent. The results of a diagnostic tests, you will gain more insight into the cause and nature of the problems.
Family therapy
When working with parents, families and systems, Erika starts from the idea that individuals are always embedded in a wider whole: the family, the couple, the wider family, society, ...
Psychological counselling for children and adolescents
Our clinical child and adolescent psychologists assist children and adolescents (5 to 18 years old) and their families with the difficulties they are experiencing.
Career and resilience coaching Tervuren
Career coaching - Resilience coaching
Are you looking for the strength to go back to your job with enthusiasm and energy? Do you miss meaning in what you do today ?
Psychologist young adults adults
Psychological counselling for (young) adults (16+)
Psychological counselling is aimed at (young) adults and elderly people who feel stuck and cannot get out on their own.
Relationship therapy
Even though you have already made many attempts, sometimes you can't get out of a relationship problem as a couple. An outsider who looks along neutrally and searches for solutions without judgement can then be a great help.