Maychell R Carrera

Biography of Maychell R Carrera

My name is Maychell Carrera and I am a trained, certified and experienced sports massage therapist. I am highly skilled in improving physical fitness, perpetuate and eliminate any adverse effects of that sport, or minimise them to improve in sports performance of athletes including elite athletes. I am enthusiastic, driven and passionate about helping people achieve their personal goals. Since 2018, I started working as a sports massage therapist in Aruba. I discovered that sports massage combined with other types of therapies contributes to faster recovery and better injury prevention. For example, deeptissue,- deep stretching,-, cupping,- heat/cryo,- scrapping,- and aromatherapy. I am convinced that better sports performance can be achieved through this combination of therapies. These massage therapies improve flexibility, mobility and blood circulation.

In general, these therapies will provide:

  • Adapting common massage techniques to benefit specific sportsman;
  • Working with top athletes for excellent outcomes;
  • Striving together for better mobility;
  • Urgent treatment of injuries;
  • Motivating and inspiring clients to achieve their fitness goals;

Sports massage is an important part of training programmes for anyone who enjoys exercise, training or sports. I am happy to contribute at both preventive, proactive and reactive flat.

By the way, don't let the name put you on the wrong track, because even as a non-athlete you will definitely benefit from a sports massage.

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