Tigaut Geyns

Biography of Tigaut Geyns

My philosophy : where there is a will there is a way! Physical exercise is hugely important for a healthy lifestyle, both physiologically and psychologically. I believe everyone is capable of much more than they think. Exercising gives you more self-confidence and makes you dare to push your limits. This way, you get to know yourself and grow as a person. Physical progress is only the beginning. You also feel more energetic and mentally stronger.

I have been practising Muay Thai for 13 years and fight at a professional level in Belgium and Thailand. I have my own Muay Thai club in Moorsel : 'Thaigo Muay Thai Gym'. Besides this, I participate in ultramarathons (a very separate and very isolated discipline). To support myself and the club, I took some additional studies to get to know the concept of sport even better. I want to better understand all that happens in our bodies when we go to the limit. This was the breakthrough to really evolve as an athlete and as a person. That is why I am happy to share my passion and knowledge.

Credentials :

  • VCA Strength & conditioning
  • VCA Sports Nutrition
  • VCA Psychology for Athletes Development
  • Professional Muay Thai fighter
  • Ultramarathon Athlete

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