Virginie Parent

Biography of Virginie Parent

Your movement carries the change.

For years, I gave myself to the full 200% in my job as a people manager and commercial coach. Meanwhile, I travelled the world and was very greedy in life. Dosing was not in my vocabulary and, as a result, my life was shaken up by a hefty burnout in 2016.

Yoga became my personal guide through a turbulent journey of emotions and daring to let go. During yoga classes, I am challenged time and again to connect with my body and explore my limits. On the mat, I find balance between my body & my mind.

- You create your path by walking it -

Based on my passion for connection, personal growth and resilience, today I work as a career coach, resilience coach, a certified yoga teacher and a Mindful Run Walk Coach. You can find me in practice in Everberg and Tervuren as well as in nature.

You can find out more about myself and my courses at this link retrieve.