Erika Declerck

Biography of Erika Declerck

"Falling is part of life, but every time we extend our hand to get up we allow ourselves to grow."

Erika is a qualified clinical psychologist with a blossoming passion for working with children, adolescents and their parents. In doing so, she likes to extend a symbolic hand to these children and their parents within a professional framework to further discover themselves at difficult moments and come to growth.

At the start of her training, Erika first trained as a family scientist. This resulted in an unmistakable focus for the broad context of the family, making her happy to include them as partners within difficult situations for children or adolescents. Meanwhile, she deepened

Erika became a clinical psychologist within a course at the Free University of Brussels. This is followed by a motivated course where challenge and continuing education are chosen, working towards therapy training within systemic therapy.

Feeling out of sorts for a while? Things are not going well at home or at school? Or has a
drastic event or loss occurred? Feel free to drop by for an introductory meeting during which we can explore the request for help together. Together, we will creatively search for a tailor-made approach, matching the child or adolescent's personality, interests and qualities. 'I may say "I don't know", I may search for myself and rediscover what gives me warmth!'

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