Benny Struelens

Biography of Benny Struelens

In July 2022, I graduated from KU Leuven in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, option sport physiotherapy. Full of energy and zest, I now hope to guide people as best I can during rehabilitation. I see physiotherapy as a collaboration between you and me, within a rehabilitation programme tailored to your needs. Moreover, I attach great importance to your request for help and daily activities and consequently strive to tailor the treatment accordingly.

From childhood onwards, I have been passionate about sports. Through my training as a sports physiotherapist, this passion for different sports disciplines has only grown. I myself used to play football and tennis. To this day, I still often go running and sometimes cycling. This passion for exercise will also be present in the treatment sessions, always tailored to your capabilities within the treatment path.

I try to stay ahead of current science and treatment methods, but also to keep evolving as much as possible as a physiotherapist, I follow refresher courses and additional training. For example, I completed the postgraduate course in manual therapy at UGent in 2023 and the basic Dry Needling course in September 2023.
In this way, I hope to guarantee you the best possible care.

I am deconventional, my standard rate is 35€ per session and 37€ for a home visit.
You can contact me for:

  • General physiotherapy (including post-operative rehabilitation and temporomandibular dysfunctions)
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation: traumatology and rheumatology
  • Manual therapy (including manipulations/HVT techniques)
  • Dry Needling

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