Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Julien Massard, Mayse Khoury , Isabel Horta and Sophie Block already proved that they already  are a good team. We treat all kind of pathologies. We list some examples of pathologies that we treat on daily base :

  • General physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic therapy
  • Stability training – core strength
  • Neck – and backpain in an active way
  • Sports physiotherapy & revalidation training
  • Dry needling (Mayse Khoury & Isabel Horta)
  • Crochetage for adhesions and chronic problems 
  • Temporomandibular joint problems  (Sophie Block)

Breef information about Julien Massard
Hello, my name is Julien Massard and I am a physiotherapist. I practiced in Lyon (France) for 10 years as an independent and also in rehabilitation center. My practice is therefore generalist but I am also specialized in orthopedics, rheumatology and traumatology by my years of practice in revalidation. I am a graduate of the « Institut de Masso Kinesitherapie de Nancy » in 2004 and to allow me to work in Belgium the INAMI awarded me an equivalence of my diploma in 2015. To diversify my practice, to stay informed of the new techniques, I am also currently working in the hospital in various services: geriatrics, neurology and orthopedics. Being attentive, respecting every personality and individual need is essential for me.

Center of interest :

  • orthopedics, rheumatology
  • sports traumatology
  • geriatrics
  • baby massage
Julien Massard

Julien Massard

Breef information of Mayse Khoury

Mayse is a qualified physiotherapist from Tel Aviv University. Before obtaining a master degree in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy from the University of Leuven, she gained professional experience in neurological and post-op orthopaedic rehabilitation both in hospital and clinic settings.

During her master degree she specialised in manual therapy for musculoskeletal disorders, and through her internships she gained experience in managing sport injuries as well (e.g. exercise therapy, kinesio-taping and soon to complete training course in dry needling)

Beside treating musculoskeletal disorder, she is certified in treating vestibular disorders that can be very useful for patients with balance and dizziness problems.

The principle that guides her therapeutic approach is adaptability as there is no “one size fits all” solution to a certain problem/ injury. Together with the patient, she builds a treatment plan that suits the patients condition and personality.

Mayse Khoury

Mayse Khoury

Breef information about Isabel Horta

In 2017 I graduated from the KULeuven in Neurological Rehabilitation. After this I obtained a second master, Sports Physiotherapy at the UGent. In order to always be able to guide everyone as optimally as possible, I regularly follow courses. For example, I received additional training in Manual Therapy (IMFT), Dry Needling (Smarteducation), Clinical Pilates (Formaterapia) and Perinatal counseling (Women’s Health). My interest in continuing to study sports physiotherapy comes from my own experience as a dancer. This is also why I am active at Conservatoire de la danse de Bruxelles You can contact me for:- orthopedics and sports physiotherapy- back schoolPilates (individually and in group)- dry needling- taping- perinatal physiotherapy


Isabel Horta

Breef information about Sophie Block

Sports always was really important in Sophie’s life. At one point she needed to choose between soccer, scouts, music and judo. She chose for the hard judo. She was 5 times Belgian champion in a row and 2 times 3rd on the Belgian championship for adults. She was 6 years in the Belgian selection where she participated on many international competitions. She was 2 times selected for the European championships where she was 5th in Oradea (Romania) in 2000. Therefore it was clear that she studied for physial education (VUB 2006). She also obtained a degree as a personal trainer as well the degree for a trainer B of judo (Zele 2009). Because of the judo, she needed to go a lot to many physiotherapists. That is the reason why she wanted to become also a sports physiotherapist (VUB 2009). To reintegrate people after injuries.  Sophie is a general physiotherapist with specialties in sports and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunctions and also tension headache. She already has a lot of experience in sports physiotheray as she accompanied the volleyball players in topsportschool Vilvoorde (2 seasons), accomponied the soccer playaers in KVWZ (soccer, 3rd division) and was physiotherapist in KBVB. It is obvious that she follows on regurlary base some training to make sure she catches up with the newest information in physiotherapy. The most important formations were crochetage, dry needling,  orofascial pain and disorders (IPVK at UZ Gent 2017 – 2018, Smarteducation 26-27/03/18).

She prefers to reactivate people in a good way to make sure that they are able to exclude future problems and perform at their own level.  From january 2019 she coordinates Healthcube & Sportscube VZW. She is also Operational Manager in Judo Vlaanderen. Therefore Sophie only treats her patients on friday in Huldenberg and  she asks 30€/session because she dicided not to be part of the convention.

Sophie Block

Sophie Block

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