Perinatal Physiotherapy

  DURING PREGNANCY – PRENATALDuring pregnancy, the body undergoes several changes.  This can cause complaints such as back and pelvic pain.  We try to treat the complaints through personal posture and movement advice, manual therapy and adapted exercises. We give extra attention to the pelvic floor muscles.  During pregnancy we teach how you can use …

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Massages bij Healthcube Tervuren

Aux Massages De Lou

Here below you’ll find the varied offer of massages given by Laure in Healthcube: Thaï massage:This treatment helps release muscle tension and energy blocages. It restores flexibility and mobility to the body. The relaxing effect of Thaï massage induces a state of general well-being, both physical and spiritual. It is performed by combining acupressure and long …

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Do you experience tension in your muscles? Let us squeeze the tender parts out of your body. You can do this on regular base, after a intensive trainingperiod, just for fun, …