Benny Struelens



In July 2022, I graduated from KU Leuven in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, option
sports physiotherapy. Full of energy and enthusiasm, I now hope to guide people in the most optimal way
during the rehabilitation process. I perceive physiotherapy as a cooperation between you and me within an individualised and tailored
rehabilitation program. Moreover, I particularly value your personal request(s) as well as your daily activities and
I will always strive to match them with the treatment.
Since my childhood I have been very passionate about sports. Because of my education in sports physiotherapy,
this passion for different sports disciplines only continued to grow. In the past I have played both football
and tennis. Nowadays I still run frequently and sometimes I also (bi)cycle. This passion for moving/being
active will be clearly present in my physiotherapy sessions, but always adjusted to your possibilities
and according to the stage in the rehabilitation process.
To remain up to date with the current literature/science and treatment methods, but also
to continue evolving as a physiotherapist, I follow a postgraduate study (in manual techniques)
at the university of Ghent. In this way, I hope to provide you with the best possible care.
I do not follow the convention; my standard price is 32€ per session and 35€ for a session at home.
You can contact me for:
 General physiotherapy (including postoperative rehabilitation)
 Sports physiotherapy
 Musculoskeletal rehabilitation: traumatology and rheumatology