Over Health Cube




Sophie Block

Physiotherapist & personal trainer

E-mail: sophie.block@healthcube.be

Tel:  0485/68.55.97

Anjes Dorrenboom

Chiropodist & shiatsu masseuse

E-mail: anjes.dorrenboom@healthcube.be

Tel:  0474/30.41.39


Ilke Bartholomees

Clinical psychotherapist

E-mail: ilke.bartholomees@healthcube.be

Tel: 0486/46.37.51


Audrey van Maele

Personal trainer

E-mail: audrey.vanmaele@healthcube.be

Tel:  0472/72.23.11


Sofie Van Keymeulen

Kinder- en jongerenpsychologe

E-mail: sofie.vankeymeulen@healthcube.be

Tel: 0472/38.00.54


Nina Polfliet

Kinder- en jongerenpsychologe

E-mail: nina.polfliet@healthcube.be

Tel:  0479/29.51.97


Mayse Khoury


E-mail: mayse.khoury@healthcube.be

Tel: 0470/91.19.60


Fabienne Van Donck

Beauty therapist

E-mail: fabienne.van.donck@healthcube.be

Tel:  0477/95.36.80


Julien Massard


E-mail: julien.massard@healthcube.be

Tel: 0468/26 75 44

Brenda Struyf

Kinder- en jongerenpsycholoog

E-mail: brenda.struyf@healthcube.be

Tel:  0498/57.80.59


Matthias Lenaerts

Food and diet expert

E-mail: matthias.lenaerts@healthcube.be

Tel:0495 18 39 00


Gaëlle Grajek


E-mail: gaelle.grajek@healthcube.be

Tel:0497/87 29 24

Manuela Heymans


E-mail: manuela.heymans@healthcube.be

Tel: 0484/96 27 21


Berten Knaepen


E-mail: berten.knaepen@healthcube.be

Tel: 0495/65.07.49



As therapists we all aim to help you as soon, and especially as good as possible. However, we often have long waiting periods for patients who are in need of healthcare, even for urgent cases. Therefore we kindly ask you to timely reschedule your appointments at delays. This way we can help people who need urgent care. Appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance to avoid charging. Please treat us and your fellow patients with the same respect with which we treat you.

Thank you on behalf of the entire HealthCube team.