Pre – en postnatale training

Pre – en postnatale training

Expecting a baby? But you still want to stay active? Or you just need your mind to get off a few hours a week? No problem, because being pregnant is not a reason to sit down and wait the whole 9 months. If your doctor and Physiotherapist see no problem you can continue with sports. Studies even show that being a fit mom has a lot of advantages like:

  • Better blood supply, also for your baby
  • Less chance of varices veins
  • Stronger muscles and a better condition during labor
  • Bodyweight under control
  • Recovery after giving birth will be easier

Of course you’ll get adapted exercises. Come over, train with your certificated trainer and prepare for the workout of your life.

After giving birth and if your doctor and Physio (link to Sophie) give you green light you can restart with sports. Your body just went through a lot the past year. So it is normal we start progressively. Just take your baby with you if you want. Some exercises you can even do with him/her and you’ll show immediately the good way.


Price  600€ for 10 sessions or 70€ per session

Audrey van Maele

Personal trainer