Social skills training

Social skills training

Social skills training provides the opportunity for children and adolescents to practice in small groups everyday skills they can use in social situations.

The training focuses on children and adolescents who are struggling to make friends, maintain friendships, play together, start a discussion, ask questions, get a remark, respond to rejection, stand up for themselves, have consideration for others, say sorry …

This training is intended for girls and boys aged 6 to 9, 10 to 12 and 13 to 17 years. Once four children of the same age group have signed up, the training starts.

We invite you for an introductory interview. In this session we give more information about the training and we listen to which problems your child is experiencing. Then the social skills training will start. We have a first training in which a range of basic social skills are taught. The training consists of six 1-hour sessions. In this basic training children learn in a fun way to get adequate relationships and respond appropriately in social situations.

Afterwards, we invite you for a completion interview; we bring all the information together and give feedback. Afterwards, if necessary, it is then possible to start an extra training of six 1-hour sessions, built on the basic social skills. This second training is a more extensive training.

Price and rate of social skills training (30 min introductory interview, six group sessions, materials, completion conversation 30 min): € 160