Psychological guidance for kids and young adults

Our clinical psychologists for children and adolescents Nina Polfliet and Sofie Van Keymeulen, supervise children and adolescents (0 to 18 years) and their families in the difficulties they experience.

If you notice that your child isn’t feeling well, he/she is having difficult moments at home or at school, you can contact us for psychological support. Each family has difficult periods. But when they persist for a long time it may feel as you get stuck as a family. Sometimes these difficulties seem to transcend your options and you’re out of ideas and resources. Then you can use psychological counseling and guidance for your child, adolescent or family.

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Kinder- en jongerenpsycholoog

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Kinder- en jongerenpsycholoog

Nina Polfliet

Kinder- en jongerenpsychologe

Sofie Van Keymeulen

Kinder- en jongerenpsychologe

Working method

The first contact is done by phone or e-mail. This can happen after referral (general practitioner, school, CLB, CGGZ, …), as well as on your own initiative. During this registration, the experienced difficulties will be discussed briefly and an appointment for an introductory interview will be made.

In the introductory interview both parents and the child/adolescent will be invited. The purpose of this introductory interview is to get to know each other better. We discuss your questions and expectations. At the end of this introductory interview, we check whether we are along the same line and make arrangements about the number of sessions that will be planned.

The number of sessions depends on the request for help and may be rather short-term or long-term. During the counseling and guidance, there will be an evaluation on a regular basis with the parent(s) to assess the extent to which counseling and guidance goals have been achieved and whether additional sessions are useful. The parents hereby are given hints and tricks to take home to approach their child and his/her difficulties.

During the counseling and guidance, we make time to reflect on in a safe and supportive manner on what is important for you as a family. Here we respect your own choices, pace, possibilities and limits. Specifically, the guidance may involve: individual sessions, play-oriented and creative working, family counseling and guidance, psycho-education, social skills training, …

The counseling and guidance is usually reduced gradually so that you can experience as a family whether or not you are ready to end the psychological support. Finally, a final completion interview will be scheduled with both the child/adolescent and their parent(s).

Deontological code of psychologists and professional confidentiality

What is being said during the sessions is protected by the deontological code of psychologists and professional confidentiality. Within the group practice Healthcube there is shared professional confidentiality, which means there may be internal consultation with other psychologists (who are also connected to the deontological code of psychologists).

With any questions you can contact us?

“My child does not feel good in his skin.”

Most children sometimes suffer with uncertainty, fear (of failing) and sad feelings. Consequently, some children and adolescents stop developing themselves and start to avoid normal and daily experiences. Your child is sleeping very badly, is worrying, has too much stress, or says it is feeling sick. Our psychologists for children and adolescents can help to find a way to break this vicious circle of negative feelings, fear (of failing) and avoidance.

Some children and adolescents show in very distinctive ways that they do not feel well. They can be very irritable, break rules and boundaries and sometimes they show verbally or physically aggressive behavior. From your environment, you often get negative reactions to the behavior of your child. Many children naturally show restless behavior, are impulsive, or cannot concentrate. We can help you find how you can deal with these difficulties as a family.

“It is very difficult at home.”

Many parents will agree that raising a child is not always easy. Each age brings its own challenges. In addition, the relationship between siblings can be difficult, or there are moments of crisis at home. Often, you have tried already many different things to make the situation better, but you notice your family needs professional help. It can be useful to consult a child and adolescent psychologist for additional support. We can discuss the situation and see how we can relieve you worries.

Changes within the family system that your child is used to, can make it difficult for children to find a balanced new niche for themselves. We help support your child to place themselves after a death, birth, divorce, one-parent families, blended families, stepfamilies, foster care or adoption.

“My child is not feeling well at school.”

Children and adolescents spend most of their time at school. Keeping up in school is often important for their parents and themselves. For children with learning difficulties, the pressure of doing their best is even bigger compared with the difficulties they already have. In children with learning problems, we find it important to work around acceptance of their disability and maintaining a healthy and positive self-image.

At school, there are also many social and emotional developments for children. Perhaps your child has difficulties to make friends, your child is bullied or bullies. He/she can show rude behavior to teachers, refuse school assignments, … Even with these questions, you can contact us.

We also organize special group sessions for children and adolescents who have primarily difficulties with social situations. More information about this can be found on the section of group training for children and adolescents.

Psychological assessment for children and adolescents

You can come to us for psychological diagnostic testing of children and adolescents. This may be general testing or focused on specific questions. These questions can involve the intellectual potential, the level of development, concentration and attention, memory, … There also can be testing about the inner world of your child, how they perceive and experience their feelings and what is surrounding them. This can help to understand the difficulties that your child experiences. It can be used as an aid in the psychological counseling.

Prices and rates

Individual psychological counseling / introductory interview / family counseling: € 55 – 50 min

Psychological diagnostic testing: depending on the diagnostic question
Intelligence testing (introductory interview, testing sessions, report, completion interview): € 210

An appointment can be canceled free of charge until 24 hours before the appointment. If the appointment is canceled on the day itself (except in case of illness), half of the session will be charged. If there is no notification, the missed appointment will be fully charged.

Repayment mutual insurance

Because we are approved child and adolescent psychologists there is a reimbursement by the health insurance possible.

Below is an overview of the possible reimbursement for psychological counseling by different mutual insurance.

Socialist Mutual Benefit (Brabant) 
Repayment: 10 euro / session, up to 6 sessions per calendar

Liberal Fund (Brabant) 
Repayment: 20 euro / session, up to 120 euro / year
Conditions: Referral by physician, or CLB CGGZ.
Flemish Neutral Fund (Flanders): 
Repayment: 10 euro / session, max 50 euro / year
Independent Fund (Flanders): 
Repayment: 10 euro / session, up to 10 sessions per calendar year
Repayment: 30 euro / year

The above information may fluctuate and change. For more detailed information you should contact your health insurance provider.

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