Career & Resiliance coaching

Career & Resiliance coaching

What is career coaching ?

Are you looking for the strength to stand in your job with enthusiasm and energy?
Do you miss your sense of purpose in what you do today?
Do you feel that your job today requires a lot of energy instead of giving you energy?
Together we will look for your values and motives.

As a career coach Virginie works with 3 pillars:
Authenticity: (re)discovering your true self
Engagement: happiness and meaning in your job
Competence: your strengths, values and talents 
To make choices from there, which will make you grow in your current or new job.


What is resilience coaching ?

– Do you have concentration problems?
– Do you react very irritable?
– Is crying closer to you than laughing?
– Do you notice that you are no longer involved at all at work and that you distance yourself more and more ?
– Do you experience all kinds of physical complaints such as headaches, gastrointestinal complaints, lethargy?
– Do the nights seem too short and do you stand up tired & against your will?

Does this list feel very recognizable to you?

As a resilience coach Virginie guides you to first of all find peace in your current situation.
Together with her you analyse what gives you energy and what takes energy, how your stress level is and which tools you can use to load you with optimism. From there you can make choices that feed your self-care.
A goal-oriented plan of action that strengthens your resilience, increases your focus and helps your (self)consciousness grow.