Over Health Cube

Psychological guidance for adults and elderly

This psychotherapy is for adults and elderly who feel stuck and can’t seem to find a solution on their own.

Ilke works from the clientcentered experiental framework. Clientcentered therapy will help to find a coherence between your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. You will start to know yourself better, to tap into your own possibilities to handle your limitations whilst reducing your symptoms. Methodically my stance as a psychotherapist and the working alliance between client and therapist are the corner stones. In this working alliance we will explore our experience carefully. Some examples of the questions people have: Anxiety, Feeling depressed, Stress, Problems at work, Relationship problems, Autism, Ad(h)d, high sensitivity, Emotional problems, Confidence issues, Existential thoughts,…

A session takes around 45 to 50 minutes and costs 55 euros, after 17.00 o’ clock there’s an evening fee and a session costs 60 euros.

ilke.bartholomees@healthcube.be   Tel: 0486 46 37 51