Perinatal Physiotherapy


During pregnancy, the body undergoes several changes.  This can cause complaints such as back and pelvic pain.  We try to treat the complaints through personal posture and movement advice, manual therapy and adapted exercises.

We give extra attention to the pelvic floor muscles.  During pregnancy we teach how you can use these muscles consciously.  This will make it easier to train the muscles after childbirth.

In addition to the exercises, we also give information about childbirth. You learn different postures, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, partner massages, pressing postures and pressing techniques.  This way you can optimally prepare for the birth of your baby.

After childbirth, we mainly focus on the recovery and strengthening of the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles.  We also work towards a good basic physical condition to get your body back in shape.

When to start with postnatal physio?
This depends on your childbirth.  Feel free to send an email to with all your questions!



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