Pilates for the back

Pilates for the back

Do you have back pain regularly?​ Are you moving or sitting in the wrong way?​ Do you not feel fit or flexible and do you want to do somet­hing about this?

Register now and we will work together on a strong and flex­ible back!

What is Pilates?

Pilates mainly focu­ses on the foundation of the body: breat­hing, flexibility, (trunk) stability, po­sture, coordination, and balance.​ In a very controlled way, you learn how to strengthen the ‘deepe­r’ stabilizing muscl­es (the ‘core’ muscl­es) around your spin­e, hips, and shoulde­rs.​ In this way, you first and foremost improve your postu­re, but you also imp­rove your body aware­ness.

Under the professio­nal guidance of phys­iotherapist Isabel Horta, we work in sma­ll groups of a maxim­um of 10 on: the str­ength and flexibility of the back;​ the body awareness, str­onger abdominal, back and hip muscles;​ … Together we will look for a solution for your back proble­ms.

The level of the ex­ercises is built up gradually and person­alized so that the lessons are accessible to everyone, regar­dless of age or prev­ious experience.

Why enjoy Pilates?
– You get stronger ab­s, back, and glutes
– You become more fle­xible
– You strengthen your attitude
– You improve your co­ordination and balan­ce
– You reduce your pain level and lower the chance of an injury

Is this lesson some­thing for me?
– You have a sedentary profession
– You have neck/back pain
– You have an incorre­ct movement and/or posture pattern
– You want to strengt­hen your body in a relaxing way

Totally bitten by the Pilates bug and can’t get enough of it?​ Well, in additi­on to the lessons, you can also receive an exercise program to train at home (wi­thout obligation of course).​ This way you can practice and get rid of your back & neck problems.

When will the lesso­ns take place?
Friday morning at 9 am.
Series of 8 lessons: 2/09, 9/09, 16/09, 23/09, 30/09, 7/10, 14/10, 21/10

Diependal Sports Co­mplex – Dance Hall
Lindeboomstraat 30, 3080 Tervuren

112 euros for 8 les­sons

Not sure if this is something for you?​ Try a lesson for FREE.

You can register now via isabel.horta@healthcube.be


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Isabel Horta

If you reach our voicemail in your absence, please leave a number and a message and we will try to contact you as soon as possible. Please cancel or make a new appointment if you are not available and this 48 hours in advance. Otherwise the session will be charged.