Pilates is a training method developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on the foundation of the body: breathing, flexibility, (trunk) stability, posture, coordination and balance. In a very controlled way you will learn how to train the deeper stabilizing muscles (the “core” muscles) around your spine, hips and shoulders. This way you can improve your posture and body perception.

Thanks to the good guidance of physiotherapist Isabel Horta, the level of the exercises is gradually built up. This makes these lessons accessible to everyone, regardless of age, previous experiences, or any neck-, back- or shoulder complaints.

Benefits of Pilates
– You get stronger abdominal, back and gluteal muscles
– You become more flexible
– You will enhance your posture
– You will improve your coordination and balance
– You will reduce any pain complaints and risk of injury

Is Pilates something for me?
– You have a sedentary profession
– You have back / neck problems
– You have an incorrect movement and / or posture pattern
– You want to strenghten your body in a calm way

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During the stricter measures, the lesson will be given online via Zoom
– When? Every Tuesday evening from 7 pm-8 pm
– Price? €5
– Where? At home on your mat

Every Tuesday evening from 19h30-20h30

Every Friday morning from 8h – 9h00


Tuesday evening: turnzaal  Mariaschool (Nieuwstraat 17, Tervuren)

Friday morning: Healthcube Brusselsesteenweg 24A, Tervuren

15€ each session or 135€ for a 10 sessions card


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Isabel Horta

If you reach our voicemail in your absence, please leave a number and a message and we will try to contact you as soon as possible. Please cancel or make a new appointment if you are not available and this 48 hours in advance. Otherwise the session will be charged.