Neck – and backschool

Neck – and backschool

Do you often have some problems on your back and/or your neck? Are there some movements that cause a lot of pain? We can say that you should come to the neck and back school. This course explains where it goes wrong and where you already can improve or adjust some automatism to reduce complains. This gives a good base to get know all of the basic principles.

Regurlarly back issues?  Do you move and sit correctly? Do you want to change this situation? Join us and we will work together for a strong and flexible back!

In small groups of maximum 4 persons.  Under the guidance of physiotherapist Isabel Horta there will be worked on your body awareness, power and flexibility of the back; stronger abdominal, back and hip muscles; control of the back complaints …

Besides the sessions you can ask for specific exercises to make sure that you will reuse your core muscles during daily activities. Also a stretch program will make sure that all muscles become more flexible. Something that we forget while sitting all day behind the computer in the same position.

Sessions again organised from 08 juin with respect of the regulations.


Friday morning @ 9u-10u.


Healthcube Brusselsesteenweg 24A, 3080 Tervuren

In the park when it is nice weather


13,5€ for each session