Massages bij Healthcube Tervuren

Aux Massages De Lou

Aux Massages de Lou chez Healthcube
Aux Massages de Lou à Tervuren
Here below you’ll find the varied offer of massages given by Laure in Healthcube:
Thaï massage:
This treatment helps release muscle tension and energy blocages. It restores flexibility and mobility to the body. The relaxing effect of Thaï massage induces a state of general well-being, both physical and spiritual. It is performed by combining acupressure and long stretches. Can be done with oil or dressed.

Balinese massage:
This massage is for people suffering from chronic muscle pain, headaches or subject to daily stress. It combines traditional bali massage techniques: acupressure and muscle manipulation in a harmonious movement over the whole body. It includes face and head massage.

Ayurvedic massage:
This massage eliminates nervous tension and promotes letting go and relaxation. It improves posture, by making the joints and spine more flexible, which helps to alleviate back, neck or joint pain. It is made according to the principles of Ayurveda and the use of hot organic oil.

Pre-natal massage:
This (nourishing) treatment aims to reduce the discomfort of pregnancy by ud-sing organic oils that moisturize and nourish the skin. It is performed through long, gentle strokes that promote blood circulation and bring relaxation to mother and futur baby.

Post-natal massage:
This massage helps to soothe the muscular tensions accumulated during pregnancy but also to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, to eliminate toxins thus allowing to find a hormonal balance and to reduce oedemas.

Lymphatic massage:
This massage will improve blood and lymphatic circulation and have a positive effect on the texture and appearance of the skin. Ideal in case of feeling of heavy legs.

Seated masssage:
This massage will help relieve nervous and muscular tension and provide deep relaxation. This is an adaptation of shiatsu performed on an ergonomic chair. Treatment performed clothed.
Back massage: This 30 minutes treatment will relieve you of the stresses of modern life thanks to the massage of the back, shoulders and neck. It is made with organic hot oil.

Plantar reflexology:
This massage is mainly used to combat stress, tension and muscle pain. It is achieved by stimulating the reflex zones located on the sole of the foot.
>1 hour – 60€

1h30 –> 90€
2 hours –> 120€

30 minutes — >30€