Food & diet advice

Food & diet advice

Do you want to lose weight fast with healthy food? More energy? Better sports performance?
Welcome! You came to the right place!

Food is life!
Food defines our whole lives! Every day we are flooded with information about the perfect kind of food, the best regimens, superfoods and the newest dietary hypes. Can’t you see the wood for the trees anymore?
Do you need clear and unambiguous information?

t’s time for professional advice.
In each aspect of your life, you rely on a professional. An architect to draw the house of your dreams, a banker keeps watch over your finances, a car mechanic maintains your car and dentist takes care of your teeth.
So why would you neglect your diet and health?

Mens sana in corpore sano? A healthy diet.
Food provides for energy. Your emotional well-being, your mood, and your complete health and fitness are being determined by what you eat. It’s high time to check on your dietary habits. Let us guide you in a professional way!

What am I offering you?
• A natural, and healthy way to a slim body … without the nasty protein shakes!
• A customized, personal diet for a better health or for your medical problems.
• Improved sporting performance through optimal nutrition.

Our plan of action.
Step 1: You talk, I listen.
An initial in-depth interview during which we analyze what you eat, and what you find important. Our goal? An estimate of your eating pattern and exercise habits. You will immediately receive the first guidelines for a healthier diet.

Step 2: Your well-being, my mission!
In a second consultation you receive a tailored diet plan. Your personal needs and requirements constitute the basis of your new diet. It is important that you feel good. Your well-being is essential for a lasting change. No stress, no guilt, and especially no hunger!

Step 3: Do not sit with your questions or concerns.
After your new start you can count on me. During one or more follow-up meet- ings I will answer all your questions about your new diet and lifestyle.